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Hi, I'm Elyran!

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I’m a data-driven Product Designer. I solve complex problems with pixels, data and a little bit of iced coffee.

Currently, I'm a Senior Designer at Microsoft. Previously, Head of Design at Anodot.

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2021 - Present

Senior Designer

At Microsoft, I’m in charge of the user experience of Log Analytics, which is the first-party logging solution for Microsoft's cloud platform - Azure. Log Analytics enables users to log and monitor their entire cloud estate, with real time data and powerful capabilities.

2018 - 2021

Head of Design

Anodot is a real-time AI alerting and data analysis platform, that helps companies solve time critical business and technical issues. I was there for 3 years, starting as a solo Senior Designer, and when I left, I was Head of Design, managing other designers at the company. During my time at the company, I built a design system from scratch, re-designed the entire product, while improving the user experience and usability of our platform for our customers, and was involved in introducing some powerful new features.
Here are some of Anodot's clients:

Logos of Anodot's clients, Atlassian, King, TripAdvisor, Vimeo, Puma, UPS, Pandora, T-Mobile
2016 - 2018

UX / UI Designer

Pumika was a digital design studio specializing is creating delightful and impactful experiences. I worked on many projects at various stages and for various lengths of time. As I gained more experience, I took on more responsibilities and led other designers. While at Pumika, I’ve worked on Craft.io, Cycognito, WSOP, and much more.

Other things I do

Gold Coins

Design Salaries in Israel

Salary in the design world has always been a touchy subject, no one really likes to talk about it. But I believe knowledge is power. Sure, we’ve had annual salary surveys with a static report attached to them, but I was missing the raw data, that I could play with and do whatever I wanted with. That’s why I created an open-source table of salaries for the Design profession in Israel. Where everyone can see the data for themselves, and also submit their own salary (anonymously) and contribute to others.

See real salariesSubmit your own salary
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Design Systems Israel

I have started a Facebook community (along with a good friend of mine, Smadar) that is all about design systems.  A place designers in Israel can share knowledge and insights about this topic, and help other designers. We’ve even had several online webinars, in one of which I showcased the design system I created at Anodot called Kai. Our community already has more than 1,300 members.

Visit Design Systems Israel
A picture from my Facebook talk meetup

Design Systems Talk @ Facebook Sketch meetup

I gave a talk at Facebook headquarters as a part of the first official Sketch Meetup in Israel. I was invited to talk about the Design System I’ve built at Anodot - called Kai.